About the Book

Moving Gone Dancing    ...    200 poems    ...    87 years in writing.

"Enter these poems by Mildred Greear and you will find yourself at the heart of a gentle, deeply intimate conversation. You become a member of the family. On your journey to this old familiar homeplace, you walk over hills and into rooms that ache with memory, with love and loss. Time is fluid here, and there is immediacy in secrets of long, long ago, carried to you in whispers. Through evocative language and rhythms that reveal a close partnership with the natural world, these poems are quietly miraculous. The narrative history of place and family comes to light, line by line. Even the stones have stories to tell. With this remarkable book of poems, Mildred Greear gives us back a world we once were part of but lost somewhere along the way. It is a gift to treasure."
-- Jonathan Hershey
Professor of English, Georgia Highlands College

The book is published by Fall Line Arts Press