Critical Acclaim

"A splendid collection from Mildred Greear. As her work so well demonstrates, the poet's first duty is to be astonished. Her special gift is to sort out and celebrate the things of this world that truly matter. She marries words so they stay married-and that ceremony is leavened with a deft sense of humor. In so many poems, the reader is struck again by the memorable exactness of her seeing. This book is a sumptuous occasion for joy in the world of poetry."
-- John Stone
Music from Apartment 8

"Reading Mildred Greear's rich collection tells me that here is a life well-lived, the daily essence fully comprehended, and the seasons beautifully documented for her contemporaries as well as for generations to come. There are trials disclosed which attend one so sensitive to every nuance, but so are equally joyous times, events, and observations that allow the reader to feel the same jubilation. This lovely volume is a prize from one of Georgia's finest poets."
-- Jo Ann Yeager Adkins
Managing Editor, The Chattahoochee Review

"This book is simply marvelous. Mildred Greear writes with passion, craft, and art, and she takes the beauty of her rugged North Georgia mountains and turns it into something lovely and lasting. The intensity of her vision lives in every line. Her writing gives us unexpected insight, transcendent grief, and surpassing joy. It is a book that does more than let us live in gorgeous language. In the end, it is a strong and enduring light on the path toward home."
-- Philip Lee Williams
In the Morning: Reflections from First Light